I Hear You Man

Dammit, Bears! In bit of a crotchety mood after that loss, but hey, let’s talk DotA 2. Better time than any, right?

And before we go any further, join me as I raise a glass to Basshunter and this momentous song.

I often get into this groove of rarely acting on things I’m interested in; take DotA 2 for instance. I’ve been watching streams, reading guides, and visiting threads, but I’ve yet to put an iota of time in the game. I guess you could say all of this is required, considering the complexity of the game; but I just think my time could be better spent–like playing the damn game. But to be fair–for the game’s sake–DotA is a newbies worst nightmare. There’s a plethora of information and strategies a player must consume before even running the game’s executable. I’m still in the middle of reading one of the guides–”DotA 2 for Dummies”, if you will. I’ve gotten a decent grasp of the game, which is saying nothing because like I said before, 0 playtime hours. It’s like someone proclaiming that s/he’s knowledgeable about the rules of basketball and now he’s ready to destroy all existing competition. If there’s one person who’s accomplished this feat, it’s this man, and this man only.

Hopefully I’ll finish the guide in the next day or two and finally have my shot at the game…against the bots. Ostensibly, the core players don’t want beginners like me on their team; I know, right? Absolute hokum!

In all seriousness, after witnessing the religiously dedicated community at The International, I’ve promised myself to at least understand the game–which at this point it’s become easier to dissect the meaning of life. I would like to also point out that the crowd was rowdier than Safeco Field–home of the–never mind, ugh…

Your future DotA pro/coach/waterboy/mascot,



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