Our Dear Leader–Apple

I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 (16GB/BODACIOUS BLACK) last night. I was in and out of the Verizon website in exactly 3 minutes. Yeah, seriously. But of course, I typed in the wrong social number and birth-date; apparently you become dyslexic when you’re nervous as hell. Fortunately, everything was sorted out and the phone is expected to arrive on-time! So did all of this warrant for an upgrade? I think so–at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’ve had my 4S for 9 months now on a pre-paid carrier, so thankfully I’m not bound to a contract. If you’re looking for a legitimate pre-paid carrier, Red Pocket is the way to go. But anyway, the iPhone 5, although not as big of a jump as the 3GS was to the 4, is still a huge deal. The phone doesn’t really introduce anything groundbreaking but if one thing’s for sure, Apple will help transcend the features. I’m honestly not too excited about the hardware as I am about the switch to Verizon. I’ve heard nothing but praise and glory for how reliable and durable the Verizon infrastructure is. This might sound silly but I’m looking forward to being able to use my phone in congested areas–show floors of conventions especially. You can’t do that with AT&T! But don’t get me wrong, the taller and glass aesthetics of the iPhone 5 is appealing and I’m sure I’ll have that baby saran wrapped temporarily until I find a decent case–I’m not kidding.

I’m hoping that we see a better jump for the “iPhone 6”. Apple is playing it too safe right now, both in hardware and software. Although what they announced is acceptable and appealing, Tim Cook and co. need to re-shift the landscape of tech culture as they did with the first iPhone.

But for now, I’m afraid what will happen next year when the inevitable 5S is announced. Will I upgrade? I keep telling myself I won’t but Apple always finds a way to convince the world. Like I told a friend last night, the only thing that will convince me to upgrade next year is a hologram 5S with a self-sufficient A.I–which at that point it will be the iPhone 6. Get on it, Apple.



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