Compliance With The Dragon Tattoo


I dare you to watch Compliance–a movie that made me so uncomfortable that it forced me to take ephemeral breaks. Directed by Craig Zobel, Compliance is about a young female employee (Becky) falling victim to the strip search prank call scam. The prank caller, referring to himself as officer Daniels, accuses Becky of theft and what follows next is the most agonizing and frustrating 90 minutes of your life.

There is so much stupidity in this movie. I mean, does it really take 5 grown-adults to realize that this is all a hoax? Granted, the dramatic irony in the film is in full-swing from the get-go but doesn’t it get to a point when the sadistic requests, well, become sadistic? Hell, a remote strip-search in and of itself is illegal. And this also questions how much authority law enforcement actually has. Considering that the prank was driven by the sole illusion of a supposed police officer, it made everything seem justifiable: “Inspect her butthole, you say? Aye aye, Cap’n!” But to be fair–really fair–men are pigs.

In all seriousness, though, this was an uncomfortable movie to watch. Not in a squinted-eyes-shaking-my-head kind of way but in a no-way-they-really-went-there kind of way. Just when you thought the film hit its moral boundaries, it decides to expand its territory 100 miles; and what results are scenes of sizzling french fries and fellatio–the classiest combination one could ask for.

Is Compliance as extreme as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? I guess…but each had its own reasons for being so fucked up. Dragon Tattoo’s plot was more than just the rape and sexual abuse, it had its own core story. But with Compliance, the plot was driven by the strip search and immoralities–which I guess made it a much more painful movie-going experience.

*Side-note: Please tell me those “come” references in the movie weren’t intentional