I Hate Super Hexagon..But I Love It So Much

Game Over. A phrase that we’ve come to dread and accept as an admission of failure. But hearing it repeatedly in Terry Cavanagh’s new iOS game Super Hexagon has never been more enticing and provoking to the player. In Super Hexagon your main objective is to navigate around a hexagonal shape while avoiding incoming lines. Sounds simple, right? Well I keep clouting myself with that idea, which is why no matter how many times I’ve mindlessly made the same mistake, the more I tell myself I can do better. Super Hexagon has a simple concept, but it’s not your ordinary iOS game in terms of difficulty. From the get-go, the game offers 3 set difficulties: hard, harder, hardest, and 3 others that are unlocked as you progress. Mind you, the game’s default difficulty is hard…there’s no easy, or normal difficulty–just hard. And you’re goddamn right (BREAKING BAD SPOILERS) it is.

I think I lasted about 2 seconds on my first attempt and gradually got better…in every 10 or 20 tries. But hey, my current high-score on hard is 73.51 seconds! Can’t say the same for those other difficulties, though. Those lines are just too brutal…and fast. I don’t even think my brain is capable of processing patterns that quick and far ahead. I’m not sure if that says more about me or the game.

Even with its steep difficulty, I surprisingly don’t hate Super Hexagon. The way that the game is designed, it’s not one that arouses a sense of frustration or anger. Sure you’ll fail…a lot. But because the game has an efficient “retry” system, the more you forget about your failures; you’re in and out super quickly. And let’s not forget about the robotic female voice–it’s as if she’s wants me to continue playing…which I do. It’s all I’ve been playing, really.