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Let’s talk prints, again. But before we do that, let’s get one thing straight: I consider prints and posters to be two different terms. Posters are what you see in malls and movie theaters. Prints are what you see in galleries and in my room. So if I come off as a self-pretentious douche-bag (if I don’t appear so already) for saying one over the other, I have my reasons. With that out of the way, let’s talk about my recent print acquisitions.

After much deliberation, I finally pulled the trigger on Ken Taylor’s piece on Breaking Bad. And believe it or not, I lost some sleep over it–$220 is too much to shell for any unemployed college student. And no, I didn’t go running to “bank” mom. I ended up selling a few of my things, such as an N64 that was confined in the attic…and a copy of Pokemon Snap and Mario Kart that I’ll never get to play again–practically sold my childhood to some dude in Rhode Island. But let’s not forget what I bought in return:

It’s a beaut, ain’t it? I’ve been eyeing this print for awhile now, and considering that I missed both drops of the print a few weeks ago, I certainly wasn’t going to pass on it. This will be the final print of my Breaking Bad series, as I think 6 is enough–for now. And what a perfect print to end the collection with. Taylor did an absolute masterful job portraying the somber and serious tone of the show; with the ominous green colors and the decrepit faces of the cast of characters, this is Breaking Bad.

In spite of spending more than I ever imagined on a print, it’ll be a great investment in the long-run when we look back at how television was never the same after Breaking Bad.

Shortly after buying the Taylor print, I became a little trigger-happy and bought Mark Englert’s You Are My Lucky Star. Dammit, Max!

I’ll be honest, I bought this on a total whim after reading the hype for it on the ExpressoBeans forums. However, the print itself looks beautiful. The combination of the black border and night sky is majestic, yet simple. And yes, that’s Ridley Scott’s Alien. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the print yet but I’m sure it deserves a spot on my wall.

Well that does it for my print acquisitions and for the sake of my wallet, I hope it’s the last one for awhile. The last time I was this invested in collecting was during my adolescent Yu-Gi-Oh days.